Wednesday, April 9, 2008

2nd Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! I'm here to post on my second post! "FINALLY" , i heard some ppl said that. Well, ya, finally i had decided to post on something new. Herm, what to post about ar? Our recent feuds? My recent life perhaps? No, noone is interested to that.

Herm, ohya, i know. The post that i said i'll post since a few days before my Bioscience examination, its about the type that i like. I mean human being. Just to satisfy and feed the beast and hopefully to shut some 3 human being ups who always kaitkan me with some creature of the underworld that creep into my recent life. Hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I don't have much conditions, but somehow, its quite hard to meet anyone that come close to that yet or should I say as I noticed so far... Ok, Let's just go straight to the point, I don't want to drag and brag too much... Ohya, just a reminder, the syarat-syarat that i listed down is not necessary placed accordingly, its just like if I think about that at that moment, then I'll write it down.

First and for most, well, let me think for a while first. I want to sleep now wor. I'll guess I'll just tell you guys next time lar. Hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hah, don't scold bad words. Just be slightly patient. Well, who knows I might post it later ler? Hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok lar, be right back. Hopefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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