Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thanks guys!!!!!

Hi! Its been a very logn time since I blogged. Well, I actually planned to update something about my recent JAPAN trip de, but I didn't seemed to really have the time to finished it. I have draft ady de, just lazy to finish it off. Haha!

Anyway, I would like to express my gratitude to every single IMU-ians for being there and out and about for, well, lets put it this way, for the past 1 month. I really enjoyed all activities you all have planned and worked it out for the past 1 month. I really appreciate it and tried to enjoyed it as much as possible, as long as possible and as detailed as possible. The Jaric's Birthday Bash, Ming Hui and Ker Lei's arrival surprise dinner, Ker Lei's Birthday Bash, Ipoh trip and Sunway Lagoon's amazing and unforgettable experience. It's been a very very very satisfying and memorable time for being together with you guys although it is not very long. I really enjoyed every single moment with my every single breath. Haha! Quite dramatic, rite? But it is true, cos I know that inside my heart, you all really occupies a very special and irreplacable position for as long as possible, till death do us apart.

After coming back from the Ipoh trip, I really feel very different because it is my first official IMU trip and I really feel that we are quite different than others cos I dunno why, but it hits me that this is it. This is what I had always dreamnt of of being a part of a very cool, fabolous and happening geng. IMU forever!!!!! I has this dream and sort of me being a part of this very cool and nice geng that will have some outing which include going on a trip on a car or something like that and being able to feel the closeness of the geng like those in the movies, television shows and any other medias. And I felt it and I love it. I felt like. Well, my dream came true at last. It is really fun and I am very happy to have you guys to be a part of my life. Well, I'm not sure that I might be a part of your life but trust me, you all were, are and always will be a part of my life that I will treasure dearly in my heart. At that moment, it dawn upon me that I must treasure every moment and every second we have together because every single moment is better than the last. Hehe!!!!!

Sometimes, I felt that even our friendship just begun around 1 and a half years ago, but it really touched me and make me felt that it is much much much longer than that, and maybe even longer than what I had shared with my high school friends as we didn't had that much contact and didn't keep in touch oftenly as much as last time! I would really like to once again thank you all for being there always, being a part of my life and be my friends, Sek Kiambang and IMU. I will never forget you all and I hope that we will have more activities, fun and catch up with each others soon! How I wish that we will be in a place with the whole member of the gengs together even if it is quite brief and not very long. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok lar, that's all about it for today's post! We will have an outing this coming Monday if nothing goes wrong. So, hope to see you guys soon! Bye Bye!!!!!

Signing off,